The Heart of David: Empowering You to Face Life's Goliaths


In a world full of challenges and adversities, it’s natural to seek sources of strength and inspiration. One such source is the Bible, where we find incredible stories that stand the test of time. Among these, the story of David and Goliath remains an inspiring example of faith, courage, and triumph against all odds. The “Heart of David” Bracelet is inspired by this very story. Designed with five smooth stones surrounded by natural purpleheart-wood beads, this bracelet serves as a reminder that, like David, you can overcome any Goliath in your life with God’s help. 


Why the Heart of David?


David, a young shepherd, defeated the giant Goliath, not by physical strength, but through unwavering faith in God. Purple, often considered a color of courage and bravery, represents the valiant heart of David. We selected the wood beads to be from the purpleheart tree which is an incredibly strong and durable wood.  Its purple color occurs naturally over time as the wood is exposed to UV rays.

When you wear this bracelet, think of the heart of David – full of faith, obedience, trust, courage, and prayer.

The Five Smooth Stones and Their Significance:


As beautifully narrated in the Bible, David selected five smooth stones from a brook before facing Goliath. Each stone in the "Heart of David" Bracelet represents a gospel-based principle that empowers us to conquer our challenges.

  1. **Faith**:

   David’s faith in God was unwavering. He believed that the same God who delivered him from the paw of the lion and bear would deliver him from Goliath. When facing your giants, let faith be your foundation.

  1. **Obedience**:

   Obedience to God and his commandments was a cornerstone of David’s life. He was in the right place at the right time because of his obedience. Embrace obedience, knowing that it is through fulfilling God’s commandments that we find protection and blessings.

  1. **Trust**:

   David trusted God completely. Without trust, faith loses its strength. In your battles, trust that God knows your challenges and will guide you through them.

  1. **Courage**:

   Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to face it. David’s courage was rooted in his faith and trust in God. When you don the “Heart of David” Bracelet, remember that true courage comes from relying on a power greater than yourself.

  1. **Praise/Prayer**:

   David approached Goliath with a prayer in his heart. Keeping a constant communication with God through prayer, and praising Him in both good and bad times, are essential. Praise and prayer connect us to God, who is the source of our strength.


The "Heart of David" Bracelet is more than an accessory. It is a symbol of the strength that we can find in faith, obedience, trust, courage, and prayer. Like David, who defeated Goliath, we can face the giants in our lives, whatever form they may take. Whenever you wear this bracelet, remember that you have the power and support of God to overcome your Goliaths. Keep the heart of David within you, and walk bravely as a warrior of faith. 

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  • Sarah Comeau

    I love God and I’m always talking to God for healing. God is Good. Let go and let God! 🙌

  • Bonnie Lee

    Was having a hard day and blessing upon blessing my Heart of David bracelet arrived! I read the gift card and was inspired to come to your blog and reread the post because it spoke directly to my situation! I so appreciate the reminder to apply faith, obedience, trust, courage and prayer on a continuing basis and I am continually glancing at my bracelet and reminding myself if these great tenets of faith! Praising God for his timing of this bracelets! Oh consider the ways the Lord speaks to us❤️

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