About Us

We are a faith-minded online shop whose founders are committed to living a passionate and simplified life that focuses on what matters most -- to us -- that’s family and integrating faith into our daily lives. 

With our busy lives, we have found that it’s a lot easier to put faith into daily practice when we have reminders, 'hints', placed around us to help prompt us to take a pause… be mindful… check-in… realign… ask for guidance… express gratitude... pray!

Jewelry pieces have been surprisingly effective ‘hints' , providing multiple opportunities for prayerful… pause throughout the day.  They stay with us wherever we go.  They are something we intentionally put on in the morning and take off at night, and when we catch glimpse of them, either on our hands or in a mirror, they can act as cues to take pause.

Our lives have benefitted so much from practicing regular prayerful... pause.  It is our desire to help other women do the same.  With that in mind, we have started a facebook page hints for prayerful… pause to connect with other women along the way.  We hope our daily posts will show up in your Facebook feed and be hints for prayerful... pause.

We source all our items, many handmade, direct from the manufacturers across the globe, which is reflected in our slower-than-Amazon shipping times, but allows us to pass savings on to you.  

With hand-picked quality items at all price ranges, we hope our e-shop will be a trusted resource for ‘ hints ‘ you can gift to yourself and others.

We have many more products in the works, so be sure to sign up to be notified of new products + exclusive offers, and visit our page often.


Giving back...

 At the end of each quarter, 10% of our profits are donated to women & children organizations.

 The organization of each quarter differs, but they all share the commitment to improve the lives of women and/or children. 

This first year we were able to donate 10% of profits to many different international, national, regional and local organizations that include:

The Water Project https://thewaterproject.org/
International Rescue Community https://www.rescue.org/
Convoy of Hope https://www.convoyofhope.org/
The House of Ruth https://houseofruth.org
Advent conspiracy https://adventconspiracy.org/
On Faith Ministries Onfaithofm.weebly.com
Imago Dei Community http://idcpdx.com/
Change for a Dollar http://idcpdx.com/outreach/change-for-a-dollar/


Plus we were able to donate in other ways to other great programs including:

Bus Stop Club www.busstopclub.com
2911 Group www.2911group.com

It feels great to be an instrument that God can work through. I encourage you to explore these organizations and see the work God is doing through them, as well.  

Thank you for your generous support, enabling us to pass it along! xo

(For a more detailed, personal account from idea through 1st year, check out this blog post: 

Wow! It's Been A Year!