January's Limited Edition Bracelet— Lapis Lazuli

  • $29.99

New! January 2021 Limited Edition Bracelet!

When they Sell Out, They are gone!


January's  'Blue Stone of the Throne' Bracelet is a very special bracelet for Us! 

Not only is it a beautiful blue stone with specks of gold, but Lapis Lazuli is one of the precious stones mentioned numerous times in the bible, including when describing God's Throne, and even perhaps the 10 Commandments! ( In some translations, it is referred to as  'sapphire". If your curious, you might enjoy our blog post about it here. )

Under his feet was something like a pavement made of lapis lazuli,

as bright blue as the sky. —Exodus 24:10 (NIV)

Our 'Blue Stone of the Throne bracelet ' is designed to remind us to lift our sights and focus on matters above and to remind us of God's Instructions through the 10 Commandments.

God tells Moses to instruct his people to:
…make tassels on the corners of your garments, with a blue cord on each tassel You will have these tassels to look at and so you will remember all the commands of the Lord…—Numbers 15:38-39.

The Lapis Lazuli beads are smaller beads (8mm) than are 10mm flagship "Thou Art with Me" beads. perfectly proportioned to the cross bead.

Makes a unique gift to send to your friends and family for any occasion. 

  • Handcrafted
  • 8mm with Lapis Lazuli Natural Stone beads
  • High-quality stretch cording, making Easy On & Off!
  • Sizes:
    • Regular -  Fits most women's wrists (5 3/4" - 7 1/4")
    • Plus - Fits wrists larger wrists (7 1/2"- 8 1/2")

Wear the 'Blue Stone of the Throne' bracelet on your arm to remember His Kingdom and to live daily according to God's law, will & grace. 

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For January's Lapis Lazuli Bracelet, $5 of every bracelet sold will be donated to Josling Diabetes Research Center.  Type 1 Diabetes is a matter close to one of our customer's heart, as her son is impacted by it. 

Our customer reached out last fall to see if our November bracelet of the month could be blue and devoted to November's Diabetes Awareness Month.  At that time we already had November's bracelet in the works, but we wanted to honor her request, so while January may not officially be Diabetes Awareness Month, it is for us!  We asked her which organizations she would like us to donate to where our donation would make a positive impact, and she chose Josling Diabetes Research Center.   You can learn more about Diabetes here: https://www.diabetes.org/greaterthan & more about Josling Diabetes Research Center and the important work they are doing here: https://www.joslin.org/about/why-joslin

We ask you to pray for breakthroughs in research, health, and a cure for those impacted by Diabetes and join us to provide support if you are able. 


Each month, we're releasing a new limited-edition natural stone bracelet at a special price. It's available only during that month.  These monthly bracelets are created in a very limited number for hints for prayerful... pause fans and will sell out!

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