Amazonite Stacker Set
Amazonite Stacker Set
Amazonite Stacker Set
Amazonite Stacker Set

Amazonite Stacker Set

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Introducing a beautiful 3-piece Amazonite Bracelet Stacker Set. Our Stacker Sets have been carefully designed to layer well with our flagship bracelets, so you can turn any of our Hints For Prayerful Pause bracelets into a stack, adding a touch of earthy elegance and charm!

This set includes three unique bracelets, each with its own distinctive style. The first bracelet features Amazonite beads with a beautiful range of pastels, including—light blues, yellows, grays, and creams. The second bracelet features faceted crystal beads that catch the light beautifully and add a touch of sparkle to your wrist. Finally, the third bracelet features faceted copper-coated cylindrical beads, adding a warm and sophisticated touch to the set.

Mix and match them as much as you want—wear them all together for a dramatic effect or separately for a more subtle look.

This three-bracelet set is an amazing offer. Treat yourself or someone special to our beautiful Unakite Stacker Set and add some sparkle and light to life!  


  • One 8mm Amazonite bead Bracelet with gold-color accent beads
  • One 3*4mm Faceted teal crystal bead bracelet
  • One copper-coated faceted cylindrical bead  bracelet
  • Stretch Cording for Easy on and off
  • Regular size —Fits Most Wrists - 6.5 inch Circumference  or smaller—If you need a Plus size, reach out to
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Bracelets that do more than just look pretty.

Nuture your Faith

So many powerful and inspiring stories are shared amongst the hints for prayerful… pause community—how integrating their bracelets into their daily life provides hope and encourages them to grow closer to God—and how gifting them to someone in need can be as big a blessing for the giver as the receiver.  

Support a Mama-Run Biz (that gives back!)

Hints started as a mustard seed-sized idea when I was going through a tough, turn-your-life-upside-down season. I wore a cross bracelet that would gently tap me on my wrist, catching my attention enough to pull me out of self-pity and remind me to pause, to pray, to trust, and to let God!   

Our hope was to simply provide others with a beautiful reminder to pause… during tough times…. but as God tends to do, He surpassed all expectations and created a caring community where we share our struggles together, not alone—praying for each other in life’s storms and celebrating blessings.

Not only that, but together we’re an instrument God works through—by regularly giving a portion of profits to organizations that do good on His Behalf, amplifying what we ever could have done individually.

We are truly grateful, and can only credit God for our success.