Helpful Hints to Fill your Heart with Gratitude over the next 40 Days.

40 Days of Gratitude

Let's use this time to cultivate grateful hearts.

Join our "40 Days of Gratitude Challenge" now...

...and get ready to experience the difference when we start with realigned hearts full of Gratitude and Joy.

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Ways to Participate over the Next 40-Days:


Count Your Blessings.  

  • Start a Gratitude Journal* and Write Down 3 things You are grateful for each day, along with your prayer for the day.

Or you can download our printable 40-Day Gratitude journal.   
  • Another way Customers have told us they count their blessings is:  Each day they like to identify a blessing for each of the beads on their >>> Hints For Prayerful Pause BraceleT <<< as they work their way around the bracelet.

  • Take regular time over the next 40-days to self-reflect and identify qualities of yourself and your experiences that you are grateful for and make you the person God has created you to be.


Be a Blessing to Others*

  • Engage in Random Acts of Kindness for each of the next 40 days.

  • Coordinate a Common Cause Prayer Circle - Choose Something or Someone to pray for each day over the next 40 days and invite a small group of others to join you. 

  • Some customers bought multiple matching bracelets, which they distribute to friends and family for concerted prayer for a loved one they've committed to pray for daily, often people struggling with health issues.

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I bought me and my six close girlfriends the same pink bracelet, and we wear them each day to remember to pray for our friend who is currently battling breast cancer. We promised to say a prayer for her everyday when we put them on in the morning and take them off at night until she wins this battle."
    • Send a free e-card greeting to a friend thanking them or expressing gratitude for being in their life. >>> SEND AN ECARD <<<


      Download our 40 Day Gratitude Tracker Coloring Sheet

      (Downloading Instructions: Once you click on the image it, should open up in a new tab, to download—right click and select "save image as".)


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              Friends, This has been something I've wanted to do for the last few years. While I don't have everything exactly in place (Meant to have set up a Facebook Group for this challenge, but that's still in the works) and looking as good as I wanted, I truly think it will be a meaningful 40 Days, so thanks for overlooking the flaws and seeing the heart and intention behind it.

              Also, as you go through the 40 day Journal if there is a particular day (scripture verse/prompt combination) that stands out or you get a lot out of, please email us at ( ) and let us know which one(s) or leave a comment below.  I'm hoping to improve on it for next year, and that kind of feedback would be super helpful. Thanks!

              Many blessings~
              founder |


              • Paula

                Thank you so much🤗

              • Debbie

                Wonderful idea. Love your emails and your bracelets. Have shared them as gifts to family and friends and they are always appreciated. Purchased the blessed dish and red bracelet for myself and daughters for Christmas. After reading this I am asking them to pray for their bothers salvation each time they wear the red bracelet. Jesus blood paid it all. Thank you.

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