Terra Cotta Diffuser Necklaces

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We are absolutely in love with these new Aromatherapy Necklaces!

Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses we possess. The merest hint of something familiar can trigger memory.  Incorporating scent into our daily routine is a potent way to stay mindful throughout our day, reminding us to slow down, to breathe and to rejoice in the gifts of this day!

The beautiful pendants are made from kiln-fired terra cotta clay—which is known for being one of the most effective diffusing medium. They're all natural and chemical free—no glaze, no color, no metal parts. They are hung on simple waxed cords with adjustable sliding knots so you can make the exact length you need.

The necklaces are made in small batches by a family-run small business in Canada that has been making these pendant necklaces since 2003.  As such, inventory may ebb and flow, so if you are interested in them be sure to order while they are in-stock and available.

They come in 4 beautiful designs—Angel, Blessed Cross, Joy and Spiral.