A Unique Twist on Prayer 💕🙏

I just learned of a unique take on a prayerful practice a fun family has incorporated into their prayer life. I’m going to try it out, and you may want to too.

Many families struggle to get their children to pray. I know of a family with 5 children who found it a challenge, and so they developed a clever plan. They decided that each family member would have a specific day of the week, and on that day, that person was to be the focus of prayer. This way, prayer became personal for each individual and grew into something important in the children's lives. 

Of course, the children love how they were getting extra attention on their "Blessing Day”, but they also get to hear and feel the love and care their family has for them on a regular basis. Plus, they're learning to express their love and care for others, too.

It also improved family life in other ways! The kids shared more with their parents and started noticing small blessings. They also had more patience and took life's difficulties better. The parents noticed their family members' closeness growing, too. They could feel that their family and God were there for them.

The person I heard this from was actually one of the kids—who is now all grown up. And even now, after decades, when he realizes what day it is, he whispers a prayer for his family member, and he’s confident his siblings do the same for him.

Alice and I plan to take up this custom. Being a household of two, we’ve made a few adjustments—she is Tuesday, and I am Thursday.  We’ve decided to pray for her two cousins on Monday and Wednesdays, Aunts and Uncles on Fridays, Dad on Saturdays, and Grandparents on Sunday.

We’re also planning to ask some of the relatives to join in and do the same, so our prayers for one another are multiplied. :) 


You can see the bracelet I'll be wearing for the next 40 days as part of my prayerful Lent practice here.

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