His Will, His Way Always!


Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. ~1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

🙏💕As we enter into Holy Week today with Psalm Sunday, I wanted to reshare this post from Spring 2020 that I recently ran across. The life speeding up part is true for me this year, too. It also made me so thankful that our world seems to be coming out of the clutches of COVID.
As we approach Easter, may your heart and mind be open to receiving its gifts.
God is Good!
Here's the Original story/post from Spring 2020:
I’ve got to admit these last few weeks have not gone as expected. For me, life sped up when I really wanted it to be an intentional time of slowness. I was really looking forward to walking day-by-day through Holy Week together with my young daughter, holding time and space to truly share the history, meaning, and significance of Easter. I also looked forward to spending time here in this Lent group, sharing posts, encouraging and honoring everybody’s journey through Lent. Those were my top priorities. Instead, I’ve found myself with more on my daily schedule than less, harboring an underlying sad and sour attitude because I hadn’t been able to put any time into my priorities. 
Luckily, or more accurately—Providentially, on Friday morning during a small email exchange, a wonderful customer used the phrase, “His will, His way always!” I'm not sure if I had never heard that sentiment phrased that precise way before— but it was lovely and the exact words I needed to hear!
It instantly unlocked the chains of thinking I had been wrapping around myself weighing me down. 
In a flash, the recall of all the things that didn’t happen according to “my plans” the past few weeks (which had been like a repeating newsreel in my head) lifted (as did my mood), freeing my thinking and opening up space for a fresh guiding phrase—His will, His way always!
I soaked in that phrase all morning. It felt better than a hot bath. My neck and shoulder muscles relaxed, and my day’s work didn’t feel as heavy.
 Then, on our short daily drive to the post office, a news story on the radio about Virtual Seders for Passover caught my daughter’s attention. She curiously asked, "what a Seder is?" I answered as simply as I could ( it is a big special meal that kicks off the Jewish holiday of Passover that has been celebrated for thousands of years), and I thought that would be that.
But she asked more questions that led to the natural unpacking of many of the Bible Stories she was familiar with —Moses, the Exodus, the parting of the Red Sea, the plague, and lambs blood and the passing over—but now she was seeing them in context and was intrigued.
The conversation organically expanded to The Last Supper and the events of the days leading up to the Last Supper, Christ’s Crucifixion and of course Christ’s Resurrection. All on a car ride to and from the post office!
—It was the first time since School was canceled in early March that I’d been able to connect and hold her attention. It was Amazing!—
Later in the day, over a friendly game of basketball in the driveway, Good Friday somehow came up, and how weird to call it “Good” as it’s the day Christ was crucified. But I reminded her that His Sacrifice brought us the Good News of the Forgiveness of Sin, of Eternal Life and the Gift of the Holy Spirit.
I could see the new light in her eyes, and I could see she understood. No amount of planning or my-will-my-way would have brought us to this beautiful moment that has exceeded all expectations.
As I’m sure you’ve experienced, God’s Way and God’s Timing are always best—His will, His way always!
Have a blessed Easter, and hope it’s filled with Joy, Hope, and Many Blessings-
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