Announcing Our Fair Trade Partnership

We're excited to announce we've partnered with a great organization that travels the globe to build sustainable partnerships with skilled artisans who handcraft our home décor and jewelry collections. Through this partnership, we're able to provide you with unique items that combine modern designs with traditional production methods, using only the finest natural and sustainably harvested materials, and ensure that each piece is crafted under fair trade conditions. You can feel good about buying from us!  

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Recycled Paper Ornaments from Vietnam ~Now Available - Through October 14th! 







Our recycled paper ornaments provide full-time work for 150 women and men in Hanoi, Vietnam.  Each of these artisans is the sole income-earner in the family.

They benefit from full health insurance and access to interest-free loans.  Every month, we help to reuse 3 to 5 tons of old magazines, used brochures and printing paper. The production process combines modern materials with traditional handcraft techniques. 


Colorful Recycled Paper Bead Jewelry from Kenya

MEET THE ARTISANS.                                       

Lilian heads our team of paper bead makers in Kisumu, western Kenya. She oversees up to 40 women in Kenya and Uganda and makes sure that we never run short of recycled paper beads.  Each bead is individually cut and rolled from magazine pages ensuring a steady supply of work for these women.

They often gather at her home in Kisumu to roll paper beads together.  According to Lilian, the income generated from the millions of beads they've made has completely transformed their lives. 



Beautiful Upcycled Brass Jewelry from Kenya


Sammy and his team turn trash into treasure at their Nairobi workshop.

A team of 40 young men and women collect scrap brass and aluminum then melt, cast, and polish them to perfection.




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