Advent Calendar

Joy to you in this Season of Hope!

For centuries, Christians around the world have used the four weeks leading up to Christmas to prepare themselves for the celebration of Jesus’ birth. 

Last year, in keeping our focus on Christmas we as a community used Advent to read one of Luke's 24 Chapters each day—which chronicles the birth, life and death of Jesus.  We used a private facebook group to share our thoughts and experiences throughout that time. By Christmas eve, we were fully aware of the awesome gift that Christ is!

Similarly, this year we invite you to join us as we prepare our hearts for Christmas by focusing on 4 important aspects of Advent and Christian Life—Peace, Hope, Joy & Love.

As a framework, we are opting to follow: The Bible Project's Advent Video & Reading Plan. It is free and available on (also free). It includes 4 videos and 25 scripture verses. They have it structured as a 4-day reading plan, but we are going to slow it down  and savor one scripture verse a day. If you accept our invite to the reading plan hosted on, you will also be able to participate in a private discussion forum, where we can share insights and stories! Links are at bottom of the page.  

We'll update this page daily, (so you may want to bookmark it for easy reference).  We will also be posting on social media, but not everyone will always see our posts in their feed, so if you want to make sure you do not miss a day, we recommend clicking the link at the bottom of the page to receive a short daily advent email reminder, as well.


Lasty, to try and recreate the fun advent calendar experience (and to help keep the lights on here)—each day from December 1st – 25th, we will be posting a new special, surprise or gift for you to enjoy! All you have to do is click the button of the day below to discover what special thing that day holds.

(Buttons are updated daily—no peeking!)

May peace and love reign in your heart and home.

Many Blessings~

Hannah & Marissa


Advent Calendar of Peace, Hope Joy & Love.


Would you like to participate in the BibleProject | Advent reading plan with us? Join us @YouVersion plan 'BibleProject | Advent' for a complete one-stop resource and discussion forum.

Your Invitation:

(Note:  YouVersions' does require you to make a log in, but it is free, and the reading plan is also free.)

What is The Bible Project? The Bible Project is an amazing non-profit that is committed to making the bible and Word of God more accessible, by making thorough and interesting videos of each book of the bible.  They are based in Portland, Oregon, as are we, so we feel extra good about promoting them. Learn more here:

Here's how to find us via email facebook and instagram. 




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